Tax Planning Basics

by Jonathan Horst on May 15, 2018

For years it was assumed that tax planning was reserved for the wealthy. While wealthy individuals will see the most benefit from tax planning, with big changes looming for the 2018 tax year, even middle-income earners can reap the benefits of tax planning.  

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Know Your Credit Score

by Jonathan Horst on May 1, 2018

Credit Management in the 21st Century

In today’s world, good credit is a necessity. Today, our credit score affects much more than our ability to buy a house or finance a car. Our credit score can also affect our insurance premium, our ability to rent an apartment, and even our ability to get a job.

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A Quick Guide to Planned Giving

by Jonathan Horst on Apr 24, 2018

Almost any large nonprofit organization has a planned giving department that will guide you through the maze of giving options available. While planned giving can be very beneficial – and profitable for organizations, it’s also an effective way for you to realize significant tax benefits, have income provided, and be assured that the organization or charity that you’ve supported for years will continue to be provided for in the future.

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What You're Really Investing In When You Invest In The Stock Market

by Jonathan Horst on Apr 17, 2018

This is a terrible time to be an investor. That’s what a client recently told me. He continued with half a dozen reasons why it was not a good time to be invested in the stock market. None of the reasons he listed were far-fetched or even unrealistic – there were no conspiracy theories or worries about nuclear war or currency devaluation or government overthrow. None. The truth is, every single one of his reasons was well thought, rational, and factual. They were realistic and had merit – from valuation concerns to political turmoil to the risk of trade wars and real wars.  

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Financial Planning for Young Professionals

by Jonathan Horst on Mar 27, 2018

You’re 25 and feeling alive. You’re settling into life after university, paying off your debts and slowly figuring how to “adult”. But with the responsibility of bills, rent, and even keeping up social appearances, prioritizing financial planning is something far too often pushed to the side.

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Financial Advisors vs. Robo Advisors - Which Is Worth It?

by Jonathan Horst on Mar 20, 2018

What’s the difference between a robo advisor and an actual financial advisor? It may seem like there’s an obvious answer - I mean one’s a software - but truly, what’s the difference in services between a robo advisor and a financial advisor?

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Business Owners’ Personal and Family Security Risks

by Jonathan Horst on Mar 6, 2018

Accumulating wealth turns out to be a double-edged sword for business owners. It certainly has its privileges, but it also comes with additional risk exposures. In a 2011 Zogby survey, 92 percent of people with a high new worth indicated concerns over the possibility of home invasions, muggings, kidnapping, and even random street crimes. Not mentioned widely was the ever increasing risk of cyber crime, which can do serious financial, reputation and identity damage.

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Understanding the Money Value of Time

by Jonathan Horst on Feb 27, 2018

In the realm of financial planning, time is our most valuable asset.  It’s available to all of us, providing each individual with the same opportunity to optimize its value in building wealth. It’s the only resource we all have over which we have some degree of control.

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Pay Yourself First - The Holy Grail of Personal Finance

by Jonathan Horst on Feb 20, 2018

Remember way back to your first paycheck. The moment you open the envelope anticipating the windfall when all your hard work pays off. Then, like a swift kick to your gut, realty hits. Your takeaway earnings are almost always way lower than what you expected.

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