Suggestions for Long-Term Financial Health

by Dan Newhall on

Sometimes simple is best. Many of us tend to complicate our financial situation; overthinking our options while ignoring the basics.

But like anything else, the simplest rules are often the most important ones; and the ones most likely to be ignored. How many of these rules do you follow?

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Avoiding Bad Financial Decisions

by Dan Newhall on

Managing finances properly is mainly common sense. While we’ve all made financial mistakes, most of those mistakes are easily rectified, particularly when promptly corrected. However, there are some financial decisions that can be much harder to recover from. Here are just a few of them:

  • Spending...

Why Diversifying Your Portfolio is Important

by Dan Newhall on

If you’re a beginning investor, it’s likely you’re concentrating on building your portfolio.  But as important as it is to build that portfolio, you should also ensure that it’s diversified.

Why is a diversified portfolio so important?

There are three key reasons why diversifying is important:

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AICPA Highlights 6 Recent Personal Finance Trends

by Perigon Wealth on

The American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA) recently published a list of personal finance trends that we should all be concerned about. These trends highlight the fact that almost 63 percent of Americans today are unable to pass a basic financial literacy test.

Here are the troubling trends, as well...

Letter to Uber Employees: Our Thoughts on the Road Ahead

by David Hale, CFP® & Chuck Pinson-Rose, CFA on

Dear Uber Employees,

You’ve come quite a long way! 86% annualized revenue growth over the past 5 years(1) is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations. You are part of what may be a once-in-a-lifetime transformative company. 

We write you, as we did Lyft and Pinterest employees(2, 3), to help...