ESG Matters: COVID-19 proving out value of Sustainable Investing

Bud Sturmak and Evan Zall |

In an unprecedented, chaotic, and uncertain environment, sustainable investing is standing out as a reliable strategy – and is getting the attention it deserves. While there has been momentum for awhile, there are now three pretty exciting elements playing out at the same time:

  1. Sustainable investing products are outperforming traditional vehicles by a wide margin during the current market sell-off. 1
  2. Capital is flowing out of traditional mutual funds – but into sustainable investments. 2
  3. A spotlight is shining on corporate behavior during the response to COVID-19, bringing social and governance factors to the foreground. 3, 4

Perigon's Bud Sturmak talk Sustainable Investing in the time of COVID-19 with Evan Zall from Longview Communications

ESG Matters- Sustainable Investing in 2020 from ESG Matters on Vimeo.


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