Phase 1

Making Contact

Phase 2

Getting to Know Each Other

Phase 3

Your Investment Strategy

Phase 4

The Makings of a Portfolio

Phase 5

Welcome to Perigon


Making Contact

Our approach to wealth management is centered around each individual client and their specific needs. We'd love to hear from you for an initial consultation.

Schedule a Meeting


Getting to Know Each Other

The goal of our initial meeting, which takes roughly 20 minutes, is to introduce ourselves to each other. 

  • Listen to your story and gain an understanding of your values and goals
  • Answer any questions you have with regard to Perigon and our philosophy
  • Introduce you to any team members you may be working with
  • Layout the path for moving forward


Your Investment Strategy 

Dive into your financial plan and discuss investment strategies to meet your financial goals 

  • Understand "what's the money for?"
  • Assess your risk tolerance
  • Discuss suitable investment solutions for your specific situation
  • Create a suggested initial portfolio allocation


Creating a Portfolio 

Refine and finalize your path to financial freedom. 

  • Review the portfolio allocations to ensure you're confident in your investment strategy
  • Review your holistic financial picture and make adjustments or take action where necessary
  • Prepare paperwork for your account(s) and work toward onboarding


Welcome to Perigon 

Enter into a formal client/advisor relationship with the confidence that you are working with a fiduciary. 

  • We implement your plan and investment strategy
  • We provide ongoing portfolio monitoring & management
  • You have access to us at your discretion for any financial decisions that pop up in your life