• How does Perigon charge for its services?

    Perigon is a fee-only firm and earns a management fee based upon the assets that we manage for a client.  Generally, our fees are below 1.2% per annum, however, fees are subject to change based on client needs.

  • Does Perigon custody client assets?

    No. We do not custody (hold) any clients assets.  Most of our clients hold their accounts with TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, and Fidelity, while many hold non-traditional assets such as interests in private companies or limited partnerships with other custodians.  We never directly hold client assets.

  • Is Perigon a fiduciary?

    Yes.  Perigon works in the interest of our clients, first and foremost, placing client interests ahead of our own

  • Does Perigon provide investment reports?

    Yes, and clients can customize the frequency with which they receive their portfolio statements, including being able to view their up-to-date reports directly through the client portal.  This is in addition to the monthly account statements that they receive directly from the the custodian where their accounts are held.

  • Is Perigon "open" with respect to client communicaton?

    Yes.  Our clients receive continuous communications and are encouraged to proactively communicate with us.  Given our focus on client goals, we value client communication as much as clients do, as it helps us remain informed of evolving client circumstances.

  • Does Perigon take an active or passive management approach?

    Both.  We manage many strategies as active managers, selecting individual investment positions to constitute portfolios, with the aim of exceeding relevant benchmarks across each strategy that we manage.  However, as a result of our in-depth research and investment discipline, our portfolio turnover tends to be quite low.  We can also employ more passive strategies, ranging from funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), or low-expense exchange traded funds (ETFs).

  • Are clients widely diversified or concentrated?

    Clients are typically concentrated within asset classes (approximately 30 positions or fewer), yet diversified across asset classes.  Each client’s overall allocation is dictated by their specific goals and objectives, as well as the investment opportunity set at any given point in time.  As we seek to align specific purpose accounts, i.e., education, retirement, etc., accounts are allocated for their specific purpose and timeframe

  • What is Perigon’s investment philosophy?

    Our investment philosophy is focused on high-quality long-term growth, yet guided by value, with the aim of compounding the growth of clients’ capital without undue risk to their principal.  The product of our investment discipline are portfolios of high quality investments, acquired at attractive prices such that our clients more fully realize their long-term investment potential.

  • Does Perigon manage tax-efficiency?

    Yes. Tax efficiency and cost-effectiveness are at the heart of Perigon’s investment philosophy. By focusing on sustainable growth, our "low turnover" strategies simply trade less frequently, incurring far lower trading costs. Our management fees are independent of the investment chosen - we have no financial incentive to hold any particular security. We charge no loads, mark-ups, commissions or other hidden expenses. Additionally, we work to structure accounts with the most tax efficient investments by account type, as well as align fees to maximize the compounding potential and tax deductibility.