Perigon Wealth Management Acquires Stakeholders Capital, Facilitates Cognizant Wealth Advisors Affiliation Representing a Combined $245 Million AUM

March 31, 2023

Perigon Wealth Management LLC (“Perigon” or “the firm”) — a rapidly growing independent wealth management firm with offices across the country and approximately $4.8 billion in client assets as of Feb. 28, 2023 — today announced it has acquired Stakeholders Capital with $145 million in assets under management (AUM). Additionally, the firm announced Sheetal Bagde of Cognizant Wealth Advisors, with $100 million in AUM, has affiliated with Perigon.

Stakeholders Capital is an Amherst, Massachusetts-based wealth management firm run by former Wall Street options trader Andrew Bellak with an additional office in Santa Monica, California, headed by Gregory Wendt, CFP®. Ms. Bagde is a wealth advisor at Palo Alto, California-based Cognizant, an independent financial planning firm.

Written by Perigon Wealth

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