Kristina Regan

Kristina Regan

Wealth Advisor

Kristina's Bio

Kristina is an experienced financial professional with a passion for helping her clients live their best lives. She provides tailored financial guidance to transform dreams into realized goals and strives to help clients find greater equanimity. At the start of 2024, she joined Perigon Wealth Management as their core values of positivity, authenticity, accountability, collaboration, and empowerment directly align with hers as an individual and wealth advisor.

An example of how she embodies some of these values is by listening intently to her clients’ plans for their futures, then working with them to ensure that the financial mosaic is in place to achieve their goals. Kristina combines 15 years of experience as a seasoned research analyst on Wall Street with her innate ability to demystify complex financial concepts to provide her clients a greater understanding of and higher conviction around daily to long-term financial choices.

As a wife, mother, financial planning specialist, wealth manager, and former NCAA Division I Alpine Ski Racer, she knows what it means to stay focused and manage time efficiently. Kristina seeks the harmony of balance in all things for herself and clients. In her personal life that is finding equilibrium between achievement and personal evolution, while in finance that is between risk and reward.

When she works with clients, whether in-person or remotely, she is completely focused on what she can do for them. Otherwise, you may find her somewhere near a mountain in New Hampshire or Vermont, biking, skiing, or reading with her husband and two teenage children.

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