Tyler Brooks

Tyler Brooks

Wealth Advisor
Office: (510) 912-4870

Tyler's Bio

Tyler’s passion for his work is found in his deep care for people’s wellbeing. It was a series of unfortunate family events growing up that led him to a career in financial planning and he excels at helping his clients protect and achieve their financial goals.

He started his career almost 10 years ago in the insurance side of the business. Tyler believes insurance can have a valuable place in Financial Planning, but if it’s the sole focus, the Fiduciary capacity is lost. This belief led Tyler to base his entire process around the 6 tenets of Comprehensive Financial Planning: Cash Flow, Risk Management, Investment Management, Retirement Planning, Tax Efficiency and Estate Planning. This process supports Tyler’s clients in making the most confident decisions about their future.

In his free time Tyler enjoys anything Ocean related, which includes as much bodysurfing as possible between San Francisco’s Ocean Beach and Santa Cruz. His favorite place in the world is a small 3-mile strip of island in the South Pacific called Ofu Island.