Inflation! Recession! Market Volatility! OH MY! How do we handle scary economic news?

September 9, 2022

BY: Andrea Hamilton, Rachel Elson, and Mary Ballin

The news – coming at us from every channel, broadcast, blog, or tweet – can sound scary and grim. Inflation, potential recession, rapidly rising interest rates, the wildly gyrating stock market… It’s enough to make us want to tune out the news completely or throw our investment statements in the shredder unopened.

How can we better handle the scary headlines?

Let’s take the fear out of the terminology and learn more about what this all actually means. What is the Federal Reserve trying to do by raising interest rates? How does all this affect us? You’d never know it to listen to the nightly news, but recession is a normal part of the economic cycle – repeat, cycle – with reoccurring peaks and valleys.

Join us for a conversation where we can share our concerns and coping strategies for these seemingly scary times and shed some light on the economy and markets.

When: Wednesday, September 14, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. PDT
Where: Zoom – we’ll send a conference link the week of the circle
RSVP: [email protected]

Our Women’s Circle cultivates a safe, supportive environment. This is a conversation, not a seminar. Everyone in the group will have an equal opportunity to speak, to share their own experiences, to listen to what others are saying, and to learn from the group. The circles are not lectures – no one will be telling you what to do. There are no “should” statements, or judgments. We will all learn from the conversations, taking what we need while leaving what we don’t.

Please be prompt. Latecomers are a distraction, so the Zoom room will close to new participants at 4:05. We promise to be done at 5:30 pm PT.

Please feel free to share with other female friends, colleagues or family members who would be interested in joining this group.

Circle space is limited to keep the circles intimate, and to let everyone who wants to participate have the time to do so.

Written by Andrea Hamilton

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